Betawide Sidecar

riding capacity Three people
Empty weight 510kg
Wheelbase 1,680mm
Tread 1,280mm
Overall Length 2,500mm
Overal Width 1,910mm
Overall Height 1,400mm
Tire Size The side wheel are different by the car model of the motorcycle.A tire uses the same one as a front wheel of a motorcycle.

※A wheel and the seat may be different from a photograph.
※One color painting(solid ) is included.The sidecar can be installed ,the right or the left . 
※the armrest and tonneau cover and Door is standard features.
※EZ Stare or a steering damper is necessary for a sidecar.

Pricing (without tax) JPY
Betawide Sidecar Remodeling cost \1,112,100
Installation cost \240,000
Structure change cost \264,500
The subtotal \1,616,600


Options Pricing (without tax) JPY
Steering damper \23,800
EZ-Steer  for Harley Davidson \250,000
EZ-Steer  for Goldwing 1500 \123,000
EZ-Steer  for Goldwing 1800 \150,000
Additional expenses painting Pearl Candy \60,000
Additional expenses painting two colors \102,000
EZ-clutch ( Installation costs) starting at
EZ-clutch (Parts only)
※You may install the EZ-cluch.
Sidecar upholstery \54,600
Spot lamp \22,500
Stereo speaker \17,500
Reverse Z \250,000
Reverse Z for Oil pressure type Clutch \259,500
Parking Brake \66,700

※The amount of money mentioned above may be changed without a notice.Thank you for your understanding.

The wheel costs for addition by the difference between age type and kind.




※The picture is an image.