Theta Sidecar


riding capacity Three people
Empty weight 480kg
Wheelbase 1,615mm
Tread 1,370mm
Overall Length 2,500mm
Overal Width 1,940mm
Overall Height 1,450mm
Tire Size 155/55R14


Other Theta sidecar installation examples


※A wheel may be different from a photograph.
※One color painting(solid ) is included. 
※the Spot lamp and the tonneau cover and the Aluminum wheel is standard features.  
※EZ Steer or a steering damper is necessary for a sidecar.

Pricing (without tax) JPY
Theta Sidecar Remodeling cost \1,098,600
Installation cost \240,000
Structure change cost \264,500
The subtotal \1,603,100

Options Pricing (without tax) JPY
Steering damper \23,800
EZ-Steer  for Harley Davidson \250,000
EZ-Steer Other motorcycles Estimate
EZ-clutch ( Installation costs) \109,000~
EZ-clutch (Parts only)
※You may install the EZ-cluch.
Additional expenses painting Pearl Candy \60,000
Additional expenses painting two colors \102,000
For side caliper addition \50,000
Luggage rack \25,100
Seat belt \15,100
Sidecar upholstery \74,300
Room lamp \7,100
Reverse Z \250,000
Reverse Z for Oil pressure type Clutch \259,500
Parking Brake \66,700



※The picture is an image.